Moderna solfångare är effektivare än någonsin. Möjligheten att använda absorberande ytor i andra färger än svart har dessutom hjälpt arkitekter att hitta nya möjligheter för solfångare.

Geothermal stack of BPHEs

Geothermal energy storage is a new energy-saving application with promising future growth potential. Reduced fossil fuel burning and a 95% reduction of CO2 emissions are clear advantages of this system.

Ecology meets economy in a sustainable office building

The Slovak city of Košice has recently seen the construction of a new and innovative building – the EcoPoint Office Center. 

Holländskt universitet får banbrytande klimatsystem

Den fantastiska nya byggnaden Centre for Life Science vid universitetet i Groningen i Nederländerna kommer att kunna skryta med ett revolutionerande klimatsystem som minskar energianvändningen för värme och kylning med 60%.

Clean or untreated water? A BPHE works with both

Industries around the world have to face the challenge of water contamination due to insufficient filtration.

Turkey promotes a more sustainable society

Turkey is currently experiencing an increase in population combined with an urbanization rate that has risen rapidly, from 53% in 1990 to 75% in 2008. New buildings are constantly being erected in urban areas, and it is necessary to find cost-effective ways to save energy. 

Nefit goes for AsyMatrix®

Dutch company Nefit uses our heat exchanger based on the AsyMatrix® concept in the company’s boilers.